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When it comes to buying a new home, you should trust the most reputed and experienced names in the industry. There are lots of reasons for which you need to buy a new residential property. It can be a personal reason or an investment as well

AMMB Finance can offer you a variety of options with more than 25 banks in Melbourne from where you can get home loans as per your requirements. Irrespective to your income structure, types of documents, credit score or investment goals, we are able to offer you the best options in the market as per your budget.

Few Things You Must Know

Home loans are those where collaterals are involved. In such cases, the papers of your property will be considered as the collateral and if you cannot repay the loan within the fixed timeline then the lender can take over your property with the help of those papers to get back their loan amount.

Types Of Home Loans We Offer

Low Doc Home Loan

This simply means the loan applicant does not have enough documents with him which are generally required in the process of the home loan application. The applicant may not be able to produce all the required papers to the bank or the lender at the time of loan application.

People who are self-employed or unable to prove their monthly or yearly income through a traditional process can go for low doc home loan through us. We will help them to obtain their desired loan with the help of such a limited number of documents. However, the interest rate of this type of loan is higher than the other ones. Since this is considered a risky venture for the lenders, they tend to keep the interest rate higher than other types of loans to ensure their profit.

Full Doc Home Loan

Unlike low doc home loans, full doc home loans refer to the loans which are applied with all the necessary documents. The applicants have all the required proof of their income and assets and can submit every document as per the demand of the lenders.

Typically, this type of loans can be obtained at a low interest rate. Since they are considered as a less risky loan in comparison to low doc loans, the lenders become ready to negotiate the rate of interest with the borrower. AMMB Finance can help you to find the best option of lenders in Melbourne for your full doc home loan as per your requirement and budget. Moreover, our experts can help you to arrange all the necessary documents in proper form so that your loan application can receive the approval easily.

Investment Loans

This is a kind of home loan that a person needs to buy an investment property. You take the loan to buy a property and use the same as a rental one to income money. The lender would provide you with the loan for your investment and this is the reason it is known as an investment loan. It is a mortgage loan and your investment property will be considered as the collateral in this process.

At AMMB Finance we take care of your investment loan requirements with full professionalism and efficiency. We have a strong network with various lenders and banks in Melbourne. This makes us able to get you the best option for your investment property loan needs. We will assist you in arranging the papers which are required for such loans and help you to meet the best lender as per your budget.

Why Choose Us?

We have skilled, trained and experienced professionals who have immense knowledge about the loan market in Australia. They are well aware of the current market condition of home loans, their risks, interest rate, norms and other important matters. Thus, you can expect to get total assistance from them in the matter of getting home loans in Melbourne.

If you need detailed information then please contact us over the phone. Our customer care executives will be happy to answer your questions and get you out of your doubts.