Equipment Finance

Reliable And Flexible Financing For Your Business Equipment

Whether you are in the business of construction, IT, manufacturing, mining or marketing – the right machinery is required to ensure regular productivity and profit.

The best way to fulfil that requirement is opting machinery finance or equipment loan. This is the money that a business owner borrows from a lender to buy, rent or lease the necessary machinery or equipment for his business. It can be as small as a computer or as big as an excavation truck. It can be anything and everything that comes under the section of machinery in a business. AMMB Finance is right here to help you with the best solutions for the same.

The types of equipment for you which we can help you to get the right finance;

Yellow Goods

These are the materials that are mainly used in earthmoving and construction equipment. Apart from that, the agricultural equipment is also included in this division. Mainly heavy equipment like bulldozers and front end loaders are considered as yellow goods.


These are mainly known as the excavation trucks and the just like the very name suggests, they are typically used for the excavation job. These are considered as the heavy construction equipment with various parts that makes the job of excavation safe, simple, fast and easy.


Commonly known as bulldozers, these are a type of crawlers consist of a substantial plate made of metal and typically used to push heavy and large items during construction tasks. Large soil, rubble, sand, brick walls, concrete pillars can be moved or smashed with the help of dozers.


This is another popular machine used in building, development and construction industry. In the field of civil engineering, a tractor scraper is a known name and it is mainly used for earthmoving and excavation.

Grader Bobcats

When it comes to talking about the construction equipment, you cannot forget bobcats. It is used as a skid-loader as well as a skid steer in the construction field. This is engine-powered equipment which is used as a labour-saving tool in this industry.

Backhoes and Forklifts

Backhoes are also known as a rear actor or back actor. This is a kind of excavator equipment and widely used in the construction and earthmoving industry. Forklifts are mainly used to lift and move various materials over a short distance.

Scissor Lifts

This is a motorized vehicle and used in various industries including civil engineering, construction, electrical and others. The railed platform of this vehicle can go up with the help of crisscross metal supports.

AMMB Finance is ready to help you to find the best finance for any or all of this equipment as per your budget.

Why You Need It

Save Your Cash For Your Business – Get Perfect Financial Support

As a business owner, you should always have the power of foreseeing. Planning the future while managing your present – this must be the motto of every business owner. Spending the fund of the business or the cash from the company’s account to buy a machine or equipment is not a wise decision. You may need the cash anytime anywhere in the business. There can be any regular expenses or an urgent payment for which you need the cash. Hence, you should not spend it on buying new equipment when you can have the easy option of machinery finance or equipment loan.

What Can You Expect From Us

  • We understand your requirements better than anyone else in the market
  • We provide you with the right tips as per your requirements
  • We help you in choosing the right finance in the market
  • We assure you the lowest interest rate for your equipment loan
  • We offer you all the legitimate support to find the right lender
  • We help you in managing the loan documents in a flawless manner

Therefore, no more tension and no more wasting of time – come to AMMB Finance to get the best help for all your machinery finance requirements.

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